July 4, 2010

At long last, the final chapter of Sailor Moon: Elysion has been posted. It's been nine years in the making and I've enjoyed it all. I hope you all enjoy the story even a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing it. The winners of the Elysion Celebration Contest have also been decided. Congrats to all!

June 29, 2010

Part 19 of Elysion is up. It's time for the real battle to begin! There's just one more day to send in entries for the Elysion Celebration Contest.

May 31, 2010

Part 18 of Elysion is up and ready for reading! Our heroines are in for some tough fighting this time.

May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Tower of Time! We have reached the Tower's 9th anniversary. Thanks for all the support over the years, everyone! To celebrate, I have lots of new things for you. First off, a fanfiction double-header. Not only is part 16 of Elysion up, but Seasonal Revolutions has been restarted under the title of Celestial Revolutions. The first revised chapter is up for your reading pleasure. Due to some Tower-verse inconsistancies, I had to change a number of things in the story line, including names. Sailor Autumn is now Sailor Ayiesei, Sailor Winter is now Sailor Hiesei, Sailor Spring is Sailor Versei, and Sailor Summer is Sailor Asansei. The original drafts of the first six chapters have been put in the archives if you still would like to read them. On top of that, there is a new not-so-monthly wallpaper of Sailor Mars. Finally, the deadline for the Elysion Celebration Contest has been set for June 30.

April 28, 2010

Elysion 15 is up and ready for reading! It was probably one of my favorite to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

April 20, 2010

Elysion 14 is up! The deadline for the Elysion Celebration is drawing closer with every chapter. Now that the revisions are finished, look forward to a new chapter or two every week.

February 18, 2010

We're getting closer to the end of Elysion now with Part 13. That leaves only seven parts left to finish revisions on. Please do check out the Elysion Celebration contest while you're at it.

January 25, 2010

Thanks to NaNoWriMo in November, Elysion is finished at 20 chapters. I am currently working with my awesome beta reader, Pandora, to get them all ready for public consumption. Chapter 12 is now up. In expectation of Elysion being finished, there is an "Elysion Celebration" contest. Go and check it out off of the main page. There also new pictures up of Sailor Blue Sun, Neo Sailor Earth, and the Seasons group.

October 30, 2009

All 11 chapters of Elysion have been revised and updated. This means they don't read like they were written by a middle school student any more. In the mean time, I plan to write the rest of the story during November for NaNoWriMo. Keep your eyes open for more chapters! There are also new pictures up of Sailor Cocytus, Neo Sailor Uranus, Sailor Spectrum, in the Elsion group gallery, and in the Balance gallery.

August 18, 2009

Thanks to the lovely entry for the Tower Anniversary Contest by ShadowRose, and the stylings of Dubird, we now have brand new and beautiful layout. Please let me know if you find anything funny around the site like broken links or miscolored pages. Some new art has been added in the NeoF, Elysion, and Balance (Previews) galleries as well.

June 2, 2009

Part 11 of Elysion is done and posted. Along with that, there are new pictures up of Sailor Elysion, Sailor Aether, Sailor Phlegethon, Sailor Apollos, and Sailor Sunlight. The Tower just passed its eighth anniversary, and the contest will be concluded very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for winners.

February 7, 2009

There are two new contest up, due on the Tower's 8th anniversary, May 1st. One is a design contest for NeoF and the other is a coloring contest for the next layout picture for the Tower. As many of you have probably notices, the forums are down. We changed servers just after Christmas, and as we moved over, the forums' databases had trouble uploading. Our Sailor Techie is working on it, but it has proved to be a difficult problem. If we cannot resolve the issue soon, the boards will be restarted from scratch. I will keep you all posted as to how it all progresses.

January 22, 2009

It's been over a year since I updated. Where have I been!? I guess being a college student does that to you. However, I promise I haven't forgotten about the Tower. Elysion Parts 9 and 10 are up for reading! Go check it out. I'm hoping to whip through this fic this year to have it all the way done by 2009, so don't expect any Seasons or NeoF for a while. And if I'm getting slow about writing Elysion, bug me about it. ^_^ New pictures are up all over the site in nearly all of the fanfiction sections.

October 28, 2007

Part 8 of Elysion is now up for reading! I have to admit, I'm really growing to love these characters as they take on minds of their own. I also put up two new pictures of Sailor Earth's new outfit, a lovely poster for NeoF, and a picture of ApolApol. Look forward to new request artists very soon!


July 16, 2007

From Beyond, part 5 has been posted and the FB storyline is now complete! That makes three complete storylines at the Tower, and a very happy SoA. Also, Neo Sailor Earth has undergone a redesign, and I have a lovely picture by Sakky up for it as well as new pictures of Neo Sailor Moon and Sailor Vnahm.


April 1, 2007

All of the Requested Galleries have been updated with the most recently completed requests. The Guardians are happy to report that we have surpassed the 1000 request mark on images posted on this site! Thank you to all the Guardians that have made this a very popular request site! And thank YOU to all the visitors that have requested from our team over the years.

~The Guardians~

December 30, 2006

Definately been a while, but we've got a lot to update. First and foremost, episode six of Seasonal Revolutions is finally up. There's new pictures for Sailor Summer, Sailor Autumn, Sailor Winter, Yami Soldiers, Neo Saturn, Sailor Apollos, Sailor Vnahm, and Sailor Brown Sun. Also, there has been a major rehaul of many of the names of my characters. Below is a handy list of all the changes.

Sailor Oloddumare - Sailor Elysion
Sailor Eleggua- Sailor Erebus
Sailor Yemalla- Sailor Aether
Sailor Shango- Sailor Nyx
Sailor Obatala- Sailor Cocytus
Sailor Oshun- Sailor Hemera
Sailor Oya- Sailor Phlegethon

Aoi Kouseki – Aono Koushi
Saijo Tonda - Saijo Toshie
Umino Norikuken - Umino Noriko
Chi Noriko - Chi Nariko
Tsukino Musha - Tsukino Mutsumi
Ten’ou Kenjou - Ten'ou Keizo
Ten’ou Asatsuyu - Ten'ou Asami
nobaka- tenma
Tsukino Raion- Tsukino Ryo
Tsukino Kuma- Tsukino Nobu
Umino Uikisai- Umino Wakana
Umino Chintou- Umino Shinji
Ryo Junhari- Ryo Jun

Kosai Hikeme - Kinga Hisae
Kosai Idai - Kinga Isuzu
Nyuuwano Aranami - Niiyama Arimi
Hirenno Munashii - Hirosue Miyuki
Nikui Kaen - Nakai Kae
Yamino Seizui - Yuuki Seika
Kashi Imahodo - Akihara Imahodo
Konsui Toukan - Fuyutsuki Toukan
Sujou Hyakka - Haruya Hyakka
Akari Hayaru - Natsubashi Hayaru

I hope that doesn't cause too much confusion, but the changes needed to be made. We also have new profiles up in the First Senshi section. See you all in the new year!

~Song of Amazon~

July 21, 2006

Wow! Long time no update! Well, Sakky has been updaing all the requests all of the time, so this is a good thing. The huge thing is that The First Senshi is finally done! Party! It feels great to have another fanfiction finished. There's also a handful of new pictures scattered about the Tower. Enjoy it all!

~Song of Amazon~

May 20, 2006

Added new Requests from Glory, Dark Saturn, and Lorelei. Also, added Dark Saturn to both request forms.

~Praesentia Spirit~

March 26, 2006

All of the Request Gallery pages have been updated to include everyone's requests to date. The Artist's Pages and the Artist Guide are also being updated.

~Praesentia Spirit~

September 07, 2005

At long last, the new layout is open for public viewing!

~Song of Amazon~

August 25, 2005

New layout! After several years, it was about time. You have many new profiles, pictures, requests, and a new organization style. Savvy is back as a request artist. As far as stories go, Elysion 7, The First Senshi 5, and From Beyond 4 are done, as well as a few parts of the brand new Guardian's Chronicles. Enjoy exploring!

~Song of Amazon~

July 16, 2005

TONS of stuff. We have many new profiles and portfolios along with an updated rules page and request procedure and new request forms by Sakky. One for civilians, one for Senshi. Please read the rules over and start requesting again!

~Praesentia Spirit~

July 4, 2005

New honoraries have been notified and posted. An artists guide is currently in the works in the requests section, but is only available through the index of the requests section. We now have ten active request artists. Yay. More to come shortly as the new honoraries turn in their portfolios and profiles.

~Praesentia Spirit~

July 1, 2005

Praesentia is now available for requests again (and has ONE new request up)! Visit her "requested" page to see what her new rules are.
Honoraries are being voted on today, and they will be posted as soon as all the current honoraries vote.

~Praesentia Spirit~

June 4, 2005>

Work on the new layout has been going slowly recently, but its likely to speed up again.  Now Prae and I are graduated (as of yesterday)!  Today, however, there are a few a little updates here.  Lady Buruma, Stephanie, Dark Saturn, and Song of Amazon have new request pictures up while there is a new monthly background.

~Song of Amazon~>

April 6, 2005

And another major update!  NeoF 9 has now been completed and uploaded.  Also there are a few new requests up, so check all of that out.  ^_^  The new layout is progressing well, lots of fun stuff for you all to look forward to coming your way, aside from a refreshingly new look.  Be prepared for the Tower to go down for a week or two while we upload and tweak the site.

~Song of Amazon~

March 31, 2005

Alrighty everyone!  There's been lots of stuff going on with the Tower recently, but not much of it you can see, at least not yet.  The main issue recently has been of some mysteriously missing web space, which took most of March to solve.  Having been fixed, I now am able to upload things.  I put up a bunch of new requests and two monthly wallpapers because March is almost over and April will begin tomorrow.  I have been receiving a bunch of gorgeous new fanart, but you won't be seeing that for a little while yet.  Why, you ask?  SoA has been diligently working on a new Tower layout locally on her computer, putting all of the new fanart there, as well as other fun goodies.  This layout will be done and applied in under two months, or so we hope, so look forward to that!

~Song of Amazon~

February 6, 2005

I uploaded a bunch of new requests, the monthly wallpaper, and a couple of new pictures.  Be expecting some NeoF coming up soon!

~Song of Amazon~

January 21, 2005

I haven't forgotten about you guys, I swear!  ^_^''  Finals are now over... and I get a web design class next quarter.  Sounds like a good excuse to work on the Tower during school hours to me.  *devious*  At any rate, lots of new requests up, some new pictures up in the solar, beyond, and guardian galleries as well.  I added the (late) wallpaper, two new sister sites, and a couple new links.  Recently, I have been kept busy with my duties in the SEC as a Pixelator making sprites for all the members and prospective members.  Also, I am a very involved VA in the emyu community now running two projects of my own and participating in at least 3 or 4 other active projects.  No wonder the Tower goes so long without updates!

What have you to look forward to?  I have recently entered into a challenge with a friend of mine: write one chapter of fanfiction every two weeks.  This will kick off relatively soon, starting with a chapter of NeoF for all of you to enjoy.  Also, at the pestering of the lovely Psi, a new contest will pop up soon.  Keep your eye on the hit counter!  We will be giving several pictures to whoever can capture it at 50,000 hits.  I can't believe we're so close to this landmark hit count!

~Song of Amazon~

December 17, 2004

Ah yes, SoA updates at last!  We have 3 new request guardians: Lori, Enkai, and Tsu-chan, so go check them out.  All of them are wonderful artists!  I put up some new pictures in the Elysion and First Senshi galleries as well.  There are a ton of new requests... and new fanfiction!  Everybody celebrate!  The "Icy White & Shadow" is finally up and split into three parts.  This discusses the past of the Golden Millennium, focusing on Kumori and Mikomi's first meeting before Mikomi is Sailor White Sun.  I will have a new wallpaper up soon.  Enjoy it all!

~Song of Amazon~

November 17, 2004

So, what has SoA been up to that keeps her completely away from the Tower these days?  NaNoWriMo strikes again.  On top of this, it's crazy concert seasons where I have at least one performance of some sort a week. X_X  Both Prae and I have been swallowed up by college applications as well.  Welcome to 'A month in the life of two busy seniors.'  I apologize that you won't be seeing very much of me at all these days.  We will announce our three new honorary guardians very soon as well as put up some new art, requests, and a new wallpaper.  I just need to find some free time to do it!  ^_^''  For those of you who are interested VA's my main Tower-related project has actually been off-site.  I am writing an emyu (online sera myu musical) based on The First Senshi with the help of my friend Puu.  Auditions are currently open so you can go check that out.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/daiichi_senshi/ 
And one last thing... Please, please, please don't ask me when I'm going to update any more.  That is the question I like to hear least but am getting almost daily.  I haven't forgotten about the Tower and I still love it dearly, I just don't have the time or energy to update it.  Okay?  I haven't forgotten about all of you wonderful fans that want to know what will happen next.  Until December!

~Song of Amazon~

October 15, 2004

The last few honorary guardian applications are trickling in while I update with the first major update in a long while.  We have many new pictures here an there, a new wallpaper, and not one but two new stories!  Check out Part 4 of The First Senshi and Episode 5 of Seasonal Revolutions.

~Song of Amazon~

September 4, 2004

Not a huge update, but it was putsy. ^^  There's several new requests up, two new pictures (Kashoku & Indira), and the new wallpaper.

~Song of Amazon~

August 25, 2004

There are lots of new pictures up this time: all of the Neo senshi have a lovely pic by Tsu-chan, there is also one of Eleggua, and a poster of the Moodahrn Sheernshahdae Senshi.  At long last: NeoF 8 is up!  Part 5 of Seasonal Revolutions is also done and waiting proofing.

~Song of Amazon~

August 15, 2004

So lots of busy work today.  I put a few new pictures in the Elysion galleries, new guardian profiles, more requests, and a new wallpaper.  Part 4 to The First Senshi is finished as well and waiting proofing.  Enjoy!

~Song of Amazon~

July 27, 2004

Well... SoA has been out of town for a long time, so there have been no updates for over a month.  On the bright side, there are 3 new stories waiting to be beta read and put up soon, as well as much more art from yours truly coming that needs to be colored yet.  For today, I put up a ton of artwork everywhere: SW, FS, FB, & others that I forget... ^_^''  I also put up a ton of requests and July's ever-so-late wallpaper.

~Song of Amazon~

June 22, 2004

Well folks, the Solar Celebration Contest has finally come to a close.  I put up the winners and send out congratulation notices to everyone who's email I could find.  (If you entered and you didn't get one, let me know!)  I also put up several new requests and two new pictures: one of Hayaru and one of Aihime.  Very soon I will be going on a long trip followed by another, so you won't see many updates, but I will still be working on stories and pictures, have no fear!

~Song of Amazon~

June 15, 2004

Today and yesterday I worked on lots of updating and began the judging on the Solar Celebration Contest.  It's going to be a hard one to chose the winners!  I uploaded lots of new requests and gallery pictures all over the tower.  Also, I split up the Elysion galleries, something they have been greatly needing, to be sure.  Yet another fanfiction chapter is almost ready to be put up, so look forward to that!

~Song of Amazon~

June 3, 2004

I uploaded lots of pictures of various tower senshi (including lots more Kawaii dollies by Sailor Hiroku) as well as the new monthly background.  Enjoy!

~Song of Amazon~

May 28, 2004

Since the last recorded update, I updated requests several times, but did little else.  Solar Wars 15 is up!  Enjoy the completion of the saga.  Because it is now done, the due date for the Solar Celebration Contest is set at June 11, that gives you guys two weeks to finish up your entries.  There are also many new pictures scattered about the Tower, so check those out as well.

~Song of Amazon~

May 2, 2004

Sorry for the huge lack of updates!  I was just Rapunzel in our school's production of "Into the Woods" so I had little spare time besides homework time (which is growing).  I added two new pictures: one of Chou and one of Koneko.  Also, there's a bunch of new requests and Tear Drop's request profile.  Lastly, we have the new wallpaper.  Happy 3rd Anniversary Tower of Time!

~Song of Amazon~

March 19, 2004

I'm getting better at updating again.  ^_^''  Mostly we have new requests up this time and a couple new pictures: two in Elysion, one in Neo, and one in Solar.  Not too much to brag about.

~Song of Amazon~

March 8, 2004

Now that my crazy month is over, I can finally devote some time to the Tower.  I uploaded NF7, at last, have a new message board, have a new wallpaper (and fixed the bug in the poll), uploaded 3 new pieces of fanart and several new requests.  Hopefully there will be more soon.  Enjoy!

~Song of Amazon~

January 18, 2004

I finally got the From Beyond Prologue completed and it us up for all to read and enjoy.  NF7 is next on the list of to-do's then it's SW15.  It's hard to believe I'm so close to the end.  I put up new galleries, one for each of your new Honorary Guardians.  Also, we have a third new Honorary Guardian, Sailor Psi, to assist us with the KISS doll.  Everyone welcome her and look forward to a fun new dimension at the Tower.  There are lots of new pictures in the From Beyond gallery, but no where else.  ^_^''  I've been doing a lot of sketches for that recently because that story will be in a game some time soon and the creator of the game needed info.  I'll work hard on NF7, so you can all expect to see it soon!

~Song of Amazon~

January 6, 2004

Welcome to our two new Honorary Guardians, Tear Drop and Savannah!  We are glad to see a returned friend and welcome a new one.  Go ahead and request from both of them and see their fantastic artwork.  I also put up many new pictures (including a zodiac and sever villain pictures), fixed some quirks in coding.  Also, we are looking for a new type of Honorary Guardian to help us out with a giant Tower KISS doll.  If you are interested, contact us.  While I won't have SW15 done in January, expect it very soon.  Because of my increasingly busy schedule, I will be cutting down on the amount of work I can do for the Tower, though I will update as frequently, I won't be able to do as much writing and editing as usual.  Happy New year to all!

~Song of Amazon~

December 27, 2003

I put up several new pictures including villains for SME and SMNF.  Most of my efforts for the evening were separating the solar galleries.  *wipes sweat off brow*  That was a lot of work, but worth it, I think.  The Elysion galleries should be separated next, but I don't have enough pictures for that just yet.  Expect some NF fanfiction and a new wallpaper soon.

~Song of Amazon~

December 23, 2003

Lots of new pictures up everywhere and several new awards.  Yay!  There's a new Hidenka picture, several of the Elysion girls, one of Kashoku and of Tsute, many of the From Beyond senshi, and a couple of the first senshi.  Check them all out.  I also put up some new requests.  Bengosha won Sailor Wars, so thanks for all the support and Happy Holidays to all!

~Song of Amazon~

December 15, 2003

We passed 20,000 hits since our last update.  Yay for the Tower!  We have our winner and prizes are being taken care of.  I uploaded several new pictures here and there and (finally) Solar Wars episode 14.  The formatting was giving me some trouble so it might look a little different than the others.  I plan to have SW 15 written by the end of January so all you last minute Solar Celebration entrants, get going on your stuff.  Sailor Blue Sun won her second round in Sailor Wars, so cheer her on in her third and final round.  Hopefully she will make it to the Hall of Fame!  Keep sending in honorary guardian applications.  They are due on January 1.

~Song of Amazon~

December 5, 2003

I'm sorry folks for the long delay on updates.  Nano did keep my very busy, but I got to 50,000 words and I won!  ^_^  So now I will return to my normal otaku writing, starting with some Solar Wars, From Beyond, or NeoF.  I put up lots of new pictures, including an all-inclusive timeline for the Tower stories (in the beyond other gallery).  There are also several new requests up and requests are open yet again.  I am sad to announce that Nietzsche retired from our services as an Honorary Guardian.  To fill her place and add to our numbers, we will are currently taking applications for new editing Honorary Guardians.  Check out the rules in the requests section of the Tower to see if you qualify and send in samples!  The new monthly wallpaper is also up and cool, so take a look at that and vote for next month's.  We are about to reach 20,000 hits now, so if you are the lucky person to get that hit, save the counter and send it in for a prize.  NO RELOADING!  If we see that you do that, you will not receive the prizes.  Also, Blue Sun won her first round in Sailor Wars, so be sure to vote for her in this round now and push her on to the third and final round for her.  Also, the Solar Wars WAVS project is moving a little slowly and lacking cast members.  Main character roles are still available.  Anyone interested in being a writer for the new Tower Times should email me with an article idea or the article itself.  I may or may not be able to pull it off this month.

~Song of Amazon~

November 2, 2003

Geeze, it's sure been a long time since I updated.  I put up lots of pictures everywhere, so look out for those.  Also, Elysion part 6 is finally done and up.  Go check that out.  I'm excited to announce that I am participating in nanowrimo.org this month, so there will be no new stories in November unless I finish my novel early.  I will try to have SW completed by the end of the year, so I'll get going on that as soon as I get done.

~Song of Amazon~

October 4, 2003

At last!  I finished up a chapter of The First Senshi.  This means I'm about half way through that series.  If you like Tower fanfiction, read that set of stories.  They outline the Tower of Time universe and how things work.  *nods*  There are also a heap of new pictures up.  Several in the beyond galleries, several sun pictures, several neos, and two seasons.  Requests are still closed people!  Stop trying to request from us!  We guardians are getting tired of it.  *nods*  On a lighter note, very soon, the Tower will be putting out its first ever newsletter: The Tower Times.  (bad pun, I know)  If you are interested in being a columnist for it or helping out in any way, please come over to the forums and check it out.  Don't expect huge updates next week.  Next Friday is my birthday after all.  *grins*

~Song of Amazon~

September 20, 2003

I apologize that I do not yet have a weekly story done yet.  I don't think I can promise weekly stories until I get into the rhythm of school more and get used to my exchange student.  *nods*  Today I did lots of house-keeping.  (Took me several hours).  I revised the requesting rules, put up a couple new requests, fixed the webrings page, joined Otaku Advisory, tried to join 1.800.Otaku.Senshi, and put up all the guardian profiles except Dark Saturn's, whose I lost. ^_^''  Nothing huge.

~Song of Amazon~

September 12, 2003

I finished up SW 13 and it is now up for the reading.  ^^  I also put up a request by Shuu.  Not much of an update.  A note about the Solar Wars VA project: S-chan says it's okay to send in auditions even though she doesn't have the form up yet.  Just pick out a quote you like and send it in. Mp3 format or zipped is preferred. *grins*

~Song of Amazon~

September 9, 2003

So here we have and update and a 'new' story.  The story of the week is part 1 of SW rewritten to be much better, as it was rather badly written to begin with.  I need to wrap up the very end of SW 13 still, so that should be up by the end of this weekend.  There's new requests up, loads of new pictures scattered around (Chou, Apollos, Bengosha, Void).  Also, the Tower's web space just about tripled in size due to a great sale at my host, so we're trying to figure out what fun things to do with the extra space.  If anyone has any ideas, just let us know!

~Song of Amazon~

August 21, 2003

I apologize for not having any stories done yet.  I still have one written that needs to be typed.  Life is crazy here as school is drawing closer, but I should be able get back on the weekly episode once school starts.  I've been putting up requests and pictures regularly but have been too lazy to write updates about them.  I forget where most of the new pictures are, so poke around for them if you're curious.  ^^''  I also added a new contest with a very different style.  This is a large quiz that you have to answer for nice prizes.  It requires no talent or imagination, so it's very different than anything we've had before.  Go to the Tower forums and take a look at it.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

August 1, 2003

August already?  I actually put the wallpaper up on time this month.  ^_^''  I'm sure it wasn't what you expected though.  ^^  I ran out of time to do a blood line one as usual.  I'll have to type up SW 13 when I get back from (yes another one) camp in two weeks.  It's Japanese camp, so this should help SoA in her fanfictions and with her fan-dancing.  *grins*  I have new pictures up in SR misc, Neo groups, Elysion trio, both guardians galleries, and on in the Metallic Suns gallery.  Also, S-chan has volunteered to start a VA radio project for SW as it is growing near completion.  If you want to check it out and start preparing your auditions it can be found here.  If you want to discuss it, come and join us at the tower forums.  That's all for now!

~Song of Amazon~

July 28, 2003

Well, I've returned and the Tower is back to it's regular updates.  I spent today fixing the requests page to look much nicer.  I've got SW 13 and several revised profiles on the way.  I also put up a new picture of the Sun Color Senshi and one of Sailor Theta, both of which I did in my travels. ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

July 6, 2003

SoA finally got her act together and worked hard on Tower stuff.  We have a new wallpaper, a new picture in SoA's pics, a new Neo Venus picture, a whole load of new requests, a new chapter of From Beyond (found in the Beyond Library), and a new honorary guardian!  Welcome to Kashoku!  She's really great so go and request from her!

~Song of Amazon~

June 13, 2003

Well, I've not been doing too much other than uploading more requests here and there.  Though, part 12 of SW is up now!  This means the deadline for the Solar Celebration contest is coming closer.  ^_^  Only 3 more parts left!  So go and enter. 

~Song of Amazon~

June 8, 2003

I don't believe it!  Two major updates in one weekend!  I don't know how long it's been since that happened.  So the long-awaited Elysion 5 is finally finished.  Go and discuss it in the brand new forums.  They're now hosted on the tower, so no more annoying pop-ups.  You know you want to join!  There is also a new contest, called Solar Celebrations.  It is celebrating the completion of Solar Wars.  (Imagine that!  Creative title, ne?)  Also, there's a whole boot-load of new requests up.  There's one new picture of the primary suns in the Solar group gallery.  Also, I finally finished up the picture of Autumn's henshin pen, so you can see that with her symbol on it (you've never see it before ^_^'') in her gallery.  Lastly, there's two pictures of some parody Elemental Senshi in the Beyond other pictures gallery.

~Song of Amazon~

June 6, 2003

Well, school is over for Praesentia and I so you will be seeing more updates.  I've started on the next part of Elysion, so look for that within the next week.  I put up one group Neo picture, one neo villain picture, and one of Oloddumare.  Also, the new wallpaper is up and there are several new requests.
~Song of Amazon~

May 27, 2003

This is the time of year where life gets crazy for SoA.  ^_^''  There probably won't be any stories until school is out in the first week of June.  I've got sooo much to do!  Well, we would love to welcome our two newest request artist: Joshin and Lilli!  Lilli doesn't have anything done yet, but you can see some of Joshin's work already in the request page.  There are a couple new requests up for other people too.  For those that didn't get sprites yet from Lady Buruma, don't worry, they're coming!  ^_^  I also added a couple other pictures: Korai, Asatsuyu, two of SoA, and one of Bronze Sun.  Be sure to check those out.  Lastly, I added two more links to the 'Your Links' section, so go check those out too.

~Song of Amazon~

May 16, 2003

Well, I'm afraid that I don't have much to report this week.  I'm busy with a large project so I haven't finished the chapter of Elysion that I was planning on, so look for that next week.  I added a couple new requests, one new picture of Sailor Eleggua, and two of Webmistress SoA.  There is also a brand new tutorial on how to edit pictures in MS Paint up in the requests section, and the Photoshop shading and the sprite sections are coming up soon.  ^_^  I also remembered to change the monthly background icon this week.  The wallpaper has been up for a week, but I forgot about the thumbnail.  Heh heh heh...  Votes are coming in for who the next honorary guardians will be and we will hopefully be able to revile them by next weekend, so stay posted.

~Song of Amazon~

May 10, 2003

Sorry for no update last week.  I had two AP tests this week so I spent my entire time studying for them.  ^_^''  But no more AP, so look for more frequent updates now.  We have several new requests up now.  I also was bored in math recently, so I finished up the graph paper seasons series.  There's a new picture for Imahodo, Hyakka, Hayaru, and Mokuhi.  Also, there's one of Tsute in the Solar galleries.  The episode of the week is Solar Wars 11.  Come and discuss it and other things in the Tower forums.   I'm really shocked that it's so far already.  Only four more parts to go, and I really should fix part one. ^_^  Enjoy!

~Song of Amazon~

April 27, 2003

Well, I was actually on time this time.  ^^  There is now a brand new episode of Seasonal Revolutions and only a couple new pieces of art.  There's a lovely fanart of Red Sun and a CG of Black Sun and White Sun that I've been working on for quite some time.  I also got bored and did sprites for Prae and Tear Drop that they didn't have done, so there's no missing sprites any more.  Lady Buruma, Dark Saturn, and myself have a few new requests up as well.  We are still taking applications for honoraries, so feel free to put in an application.  Also, I changed the requesting rules slightly so you may want to look at those as well.

~Song of Amazon~

April 20, 2003

I apologize as there is no new chapter of fanfiction this week.  I have fairly bad writers' block and can't squeeze anything decently written past it.  ^_^''  It's not been this bad for a while.  By next weekend, it should be lifted.  I also added several new pictures at the Tower.  There is one for each of the Season Senshi, one for Chibi, one in the Neo group pictures and one of Sailor Sunlight.  Also, I experimented with cell style shading this week on the original Sailor Spring picture.  Go stare in awe at it!  SoA can shade this way now.  *grins*  

On the note of requests, two new ones went up this week.  The forum is working once again, so you can request the normal way.  I took Tear Drop and Prae off the list of requestable guardians as Prae is bogged down with old requests and Tear Drop is, sadly, resigning.  We shall miss you dearly Julee-pi!  Along with that, we are now taking applications for new honorary guardians for requests to fill the gaping hole she left.  Please look over the rules at http://www.toweroftime.com/requests/apply.htm if you are interested.

~Song of Amazon~

April 12, 2003

Once again, I'm very sorry for not updating last week.  I spent the last two weeks laboring over NeoF 6 and it turned out amazingly at 11 pages.  The length would be why it took me so long.  So go read it!  ^_^  I put up a couple pictures last week that I forgot to mention.  This week, there are several in the Solar galleries and one or two in the Neo galleries.  There are now voice actors for Neo Venus and Orca Eye.  With the help of some wonderful people at the boards, I'm getting plot ideas for the Past & Future series.   If you want to help out in creating characters, stop by the general chat in the forums and join in the fun.  ^_^  I also have been nominated for the Bunny Awards for both SW and NeoF.  I huge thanks and a hug to whoever nominated me!  Also, the problem with the requests should be fixed soon, but still keep using email for now. There are several new requests up as the guardians and honoraries are enthusiastic to get going.  Prae has started a small site for her comics called Eggplant that are based loosely on actual events.  I highly recommend checking it out.  A link to it is on the index page.

~Song of Amazon~

March 28, 2003

I apologize for the long absence.  I had a nice spring break and drew and wrote some while I was there.  The story of the week is The First Senshi, part 2.  This particular short series will fill in a lot of details that my fanfiction is built off of.  There are also some new pictures around.  They are of Yellow Sun, Blue Sun, Lapis & Lazuli (Neo Villains), and Oya.  The request forum is now open, however, it seems to be having some difficulties.  If you can get it to work, feel free to request a picture.  Meanwhile, I will try my best to fix the problem.  I also spent some time today working on the new WarRiders site.  I made some good progress on it, but it's far from finished.

~Song of Amazon~

March 2, 2003

I'm afraid there wasn't much from me this week.  I put up a prologue in the Beyond section for the Elementals mini-story.  I really wanted to write the second part to the Mahou-Henshin story, but I just ran out of time.  *cries*  Anyway, I also put up the wallpaper of the month.  It's a very nice one, I think.  I joined a Sera Myu fanlisting also.  *points to little piccy of Nao-sama on the splash page*  There's also two new requests from Tear Drop and four new pictures scattered around the site.  One for Norikuken, one for Musha, one for Tacita, and one of Ami and Bengosh (in the group section).  ^_^  I got a wonderful audition for Tonda this week and I need to turn the quote into an MP3, then you can all listen to her voice.  ^_^  That should come by next week.  Also, I got an award from Caloris-kun for one of my fanfiction stories.  Yay!  *happy dance*

~Song of Amazon~

February 26, 2003

Well there is now a much better picture up on the index page for the Zodiac section which I am a bit proud of cause it's pretty cool. Speaking of which, I'm almost done with the third episode so expect that soon!

But now the BIG news. I've been putting together a new section at the tower for my Sailor Void fic. As of right now it can only be reached from the main page by clicking on the link on the bottom row of links (where the rest of the fan fiction sections are). It is not completely finished yet though, I need to put up some profiles and a soundtrack page, and put up some links in various places, but check it out so far! It's pretty cool.

February 23, 2003

Well, SW 10 is up now as well as several new pictures in the Neo galleries and one in the Seasons group gallery.  There's two new requests, including one from Annie Jessan, as she was bored one day and we were having trouble with that one request.  Anyway, enjoy!

~Song of Amazon~

February 19, 2003

It has come to my attention that I am going to kill dreamweaver very soon. It does not agree at all with frontpage and makes edit pages a tedious and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE task. Despite all this, I have still managed to update the soundtracks page fort he guardians and put up a couple new pictures in the Praesentia Sprit gallery. One of them is a very cool one of Praesentia Tigris, whom most of you are not familiar with. Go look.

~Praesentia Spirit~

February 16, 2003

I only did a couple things today.  There's a few new pictures in the request page and a few pictures in the galleries here and there.  Two in Hidenka's, one for Teisei, and one of Oornahfthae.  Also, I finally wrote part 3 of SR, so go and read that and give some feedback at the forums.  I also added some more info to the Seasons profiles.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

February 9, 2003

I had to fix a couple things in various galleries and I added the wallpaper of the month.  Also, I finally remembered to put Lady Buruma's and Tear Drop's emails in the contact section.  Don't worry you two!  I still love you!  ^_^  Don't forget to vote for Blue Sun in the otaku senshi contest and get your friends to vote too.  It's a close race and every vote counts!

~Song of Amazon~

February 8, 2003

Well, I'm sorry I missed last week's update.  My entire weekend was taken up by Drumline competitions.  ^_^''  So you have lots of pictures: several in Neo, a couple in Solar, and a couple in Zodiac.  The story of the week is NeoF 5.  I found the missing pieces on a disk when I was cleaning it off.  Hooray!  Still, it wound up at 10 pages long.  ^_^''  There's several new requests... but only a couple sprites to go with.  I have the to of mine, but they're not on this compy.  I'll get them up next week.  Enjoy all the new stuff!

~Song of Amazon~

January 25, 2003

Well, I've forgotten to update the last couple times, but there have been additions to several galleries and to the requests page.  Today I did a lot of stuff.  ^_^  I added several pictures to the Neo galleries, including my first real CG (it's of sad Asatsuyu) and a group picture by the amazing Luna Star Sphere.  Also there's a great picture of the Sahara Trio in the Elysion group pictures that I am supremely proud of (yes, I know it's not a group, but I don't want to make a gallery for it all by itself).  Along those lines, I added both episodes 3 and 4 of Sailor Moon Elysion.  Go and check those out!  I also finally finished the personality quiz for the seasons senshi and fixed some problems on the requested page.  The other guardians and I are in the process of rewriting the requesting rules, so be sure to read those over carefully before you request a picture (request are currently down).

SoA-pi has a preposition: It is my goal to write one episode a week with each weekly update.  Feel free to bug me about it if I'm not keeping up.  Regarding the weekly updates, I am doing this to conserve uses of Front Page (my editing program).  I think I will only be able to use it about 40 more times because I do not believe they will allow me to register it again on this new computer and I don't want to buy another copy just yet.  Prae also does not currently have a web editing program so that stops all updates from her right now.  Anyway, enough babbling.  Oh, by the way, Prae and I love fanart.  Hint, hint.  *evil grin*  No really, we do.  ^_^  WarRiders RPG is restarting very nicely, so go ahead and join at the new boards.  We love new members!

~Song of Amazon~

January 10, 2003

Okay, so it isn't 2002 any more.  I'm just going to condense the updates into one page pretty soon, so I'll just keep to this page now.  I put up a couple new requests, many new pictures with some in almost all of the areas (be sure to look at the new misc pic in SR), the results for the contest, the first chapter in Void, the next chapter in Solar Wars, and the monthly background.  Geeze I've been busy!  Anyway, I think I'm pretty accomplished for now.

Later... Wow!  Two updates in one day.  *grins*  I finally added music clips in the sound tracks... unfortunately I lost most of my English songs so the Elysion sound track is rather lacking now.  I've also got all the VA clips up that I have... I think I'm missing a couple, so check and see if yours is there if you're a VA.  Everyone else, feel free to audition to be a VA.  Just find a quote out of the stories by your desired character and record it, then send it over to us.

~Song of Amazon~

December 1, 2002

I put up several more requests and am still waiting on sprites from Tear Drop and Prae.  Also, I put up a fanfiction in the beyond section as well.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

November 22, 2002

Updates two days in a row!?!  *gaspuh*  Anyway, I put up a whole mess of pictures tonight.  There are several in the Neo galleries, one in The First Senshi gallery, one in the SoA gallery, and several in the Suns.  I also put up one more request by Dark Saturn.  Be sure to enter the contest everyone.  There's only a month and a half left!  Meanwhile, I shall update the links.

~Song of Amazon~

November 21, 2002

I put up more requests tonight and a couple new pictures of Green Sun and one of Brown Sun.  I still have a few more pieces of art to put up, so check back soon.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

November 8, 2002

So it's been a while.  ^_^''  School hit hard and the guardians became infinitely busy.  On top of that writers' block has set in for me.  *growls*  We regret to inform you that StarGazer-chan is leaving our ranks as an Honorary Guardian in the request service after finishing her current pictures.  Thank you so much for helping us!  We really enjoyed having you around SGG-pi!  Because of school and loosing our first honorary, we now have two new helpers.  Please welcome Lady Burma and Tear Drop!  They both have excellent artistic skills, so go ahead and request from them too.  I put up several requests today so feel free to take a peek at those.  I am trying to write some, but it is going slowly.  I also have some hosted fanfiction and art of two of the HG's to put up as well when I get some time and several pieces of fanart.  So much to do!  We are still alive, so have no fear!  Also... the Otaku Senshi contest fell through.  I sincerely apologize for that.  School was far too much to balance with monthly stuff.  As to the Past and Future contest, be sure to enter!  I have extended the deadline to January 1st, 2003.

~Song of Amazon~

August 31, 2002

Well, I put up the new background of the month and closed off the requests for the time being.  I also added one must see picture in the Zodiac gallery by Prae of Shainingu on her bed.  Very awesome.  Don't forget to enter the contests!  We will be judging this month's otaku senshi contest results ASAP.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

August 29, 2002

Well, all I did today was put up several requests and a couple pictures in the Praesentia gallery.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

August 27, 2002

A few minor but useful updates.  ^_^  I added one super kawaii picture by Dark Saturn to the Solar Wars group gallery.  A must see.  *grins*  I also added one more to the Other Pictures gallery in the Beyond section.  Episode 4 of NeoF is finally done.  YAY!  The tedious part of the season is almost over.  *dances*  A story for the Elemental Guardian Senshi is well underway and will be put up soon.  I am also working on Episode 3 of Elysion, mind you, I already have Episode 4 done.  ^_^''  I'll get those up soon as well.  I also added a portfolio page for each of the picture editing guardians to check out before you request a picture with all of out strengths and weaknesses.  Be sure to enter the Past and Future contest and check out our new forums!

~Song of Amazon~

August 18, 2002

The long-awaited Episode 8 of Solar Wars is complete!  I highly suggest downloading 'Sailor War Supreme' if you don't already have it.  It's going to be the prescribed background music for the next episode. *grins* I'm heading off to Japanese camp for the week. *dances* So don't expect updates until I return.  ^_^  I also put up a page for some fun trading game cards in the Fun section.  Go check them out. ^_^  Lastly, I put up a cute little pic of the Spectrum Senshi and the sun princesses in the group pictures section of SW.  That's all for now.  I hope you enjoy the story!

~Song of Amazon~

August 15, 2002

Whoohoo!  I just finished with the new boards, so go and check them out. *grins*  I also, finally, got around to doing the August wallpaper.  Pretty, no?  Be sure to enter the contests!  We only have one entry for each so far.  ^_^  Prae is also going and fixing her old requests so they are shaded and pretty.  By the way, it's Prae's birthday tomorrow, so be sure to send her lots of birthday notes (moonpyxie@yahoo.com).  *huge grin*

~Song of Amazon~

August 7, 2002

I just put up a couple pictures in the Neo group and friends sections.  They're pretty cool ones for me. ^_^  There's two of Koneko's younger sisters Amiko and Junhari.  Junhari is really cool.  There's also one of Eternal Sailor (Chibi) Moon and Eternal (Neo) Sailor Earth.  I also put up the contest pages.  Two contest, one running and one current, so go enter them.  *biggrin*.  I'll probably get the August wallpaper up soon too.  I also put up some more voice actresses.  If you want to be a VA for us, just email us a moonhurricane@yahoo.com and we'll give you a quote to use, or you could just pick a quote from the stories that that character says, record it, and send it over. ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

July 27, 2002

It's up!!  After almost two months of work, the new layout is up!  I am currently working out a few minor details as I find them.  *grins*  We have many new pictures and new stories for you amusement along with the new layout.  Many new profiles have appeared as well.  *dances*  I'm soooo happy!

~Song of Amazon~

April 20, 2002

Well... not really much to merit an update... I organized the links page. ^_^;

~Song of Amazon~

April 12, 2002

The contest is over now and we have selected a winner.  Also, episode 4 of Solar Wars is up.  I believe that's all for now.

~Song of Amazon~

March 31, 2002

Happy Easter! The contest deadline has been extended a week and I added a link to the RPG that we have been laboring over.  Requests are back open.  I think that's all.

~Song of Amazon~

February 4, 2002

I forgot to update last time... I put up part 3 of the suns and made several tweaking updates.  ^_^

~Song of Amazon~

January 21, 2002

Okay... A lot of little things have been going on.  I fixed up the profile page for the Sailor Seasons, I put up Praesentia's SEC Doll Cabinet, I added pictures to the Seasons, Solar, and Neo Galleries.  I also fixed up the non frames version and made a non frames version of the forum.  Prae is working on a new story, so I'll be putting that up soon.

~Song of Amazon~

January 18, 2002

Since our board provider re-organized and no longer provides boards, I just created a new one.  I hope it is easy enough to use.  I also changed the contest because the old one was too confining.

~Song of Amazon~

January 15, 2002

I just added part 2 to the Elysion library.  It's not very long but it introduces the second set of characters.  Also, we have and art contest going on in the contest section.  Please enter that.  Our webring (Beyond Time) is up and running, so feel free to join that too.

~Song of Amazon~

January 11, 2002

I've done a lot since I got it back up.  Included, I have put up most of the pictures from our backlog of before.  Prae and I each have about two more to do.  I also added one more episode of Sailor Moon Solar.

~Song of Amazon~

December 27, 2001

It's up!!!  Need I say more?  I am working on a webring also.  So check that out.

~Song of Amazon~

November 13, 2001

Well... I know this won't be put up for a while... but I started putting some real work into revamping the Tower.  So far it is going well...  I just wanted to put something on this page (even though it is still just on my computer) so it wouldn't be blank.  I can't wait to get this up!

~Song of Amazon~

August 15, 2001

This is about the time that the domain crashed, leaving the Tower in need of a new home.  I didn't find out what really happened until mid to late October.  Now I am looking for a place where I can get www.toweroftime.com. ^_^  That would be fun!

~Song of Amazon~ 

July 31, 2001

I finally got around to updating the evolving senshi adoptions. *wipes sweat off of forehead* Hard and tedious work... *snickers* Maybe next time I can convince Prae to do it for me.  *evil grin*  Anyway...  I put a whole bunch of requested pictures up, and an RPG will be coming soon as well as the first chapter in the Elysion Senshi season.  I made a few more subtle changes that don't effect the site too much.  I also added a voting booth.  Anyway...

~Song of Amazon~

July 14, 2001

Later at night: Well... the first episode in the Sailor Suns saga is finished.  *Sigh* I'm glad I finally finished it.  I think I'll start on the Elysion Senshi story next.

We had a whole mess of updated today. ^_^ I've fixed the problem with the adoption center (I hope).  I have also added another fic to the fan fic section in the submissions section.  I have added more senshi pics than I care to count in the submissions section also.  Oh yea... I finally got around to doing a disclaimer, and I put it up in the fun stuff section.  I also put up a list of e-mail address where you can contact the guardians.  *Sweatdrops, I know you've head this before, but here goes...*  The first Sailor Suns Episode is almost done. *sigh*  I really should work a little harder on that one...

~Song of Amazon~

July 8, 2001

Some nice things up on the site now.  We have a fan art section for drawing all of you do of our senshi and other characters (with the first pic of Sailor Autumn).  Also, the first two episodes for the Zodiac Season are up.  I also have a how-to explanation on the pictures we make on the forums.

~Song of Amazon~

July 1, 2001

Well... I kinda forgot to post here about recent updates, when I did them.  To start, we have most, if not all, of our picture requests done.  Prae hasn't been able to get hers to me to put up yet, so I apologies for the delay.  Also, we have something  new in the 'fun stuff' section called 'Senshi Diaries'.  The first Sailor Suns episode should be done soon.  We also might start an RPG.  That's all for now.

~Song of Amazon~

June 20, 2001

There have been almost daily updates recently, however, none of them have been big enough to really rant about.  I've updated the submissions page in many ways.  There's a contest almost out.  Please do the poll in the 'Fun Stuff' section.  It helps us decide what to do next.  Also, pleeese vote for us in the 'Refuge Top 50' contest.  We're in third to two sites, which I'm almost positive are cheating.  We want to show them how good our site really is, without cheating.  Now we also have an operational fan fic contest.  YAY!!!  Go and check it out.

~Song of Amazon~

June 2, 2001

Well, I think we have fixed all of the problems.  Recently, our server 'burped' and we lost our theme, basically background color and picture, font color, link color, etc.  If you find a page that hasn't been repaired yet, please e-mail us at moonhurricane@yahoo.com.  Yay!  We just won an award and we are 11th place in the Refuge's Top 50 contest.  I didn't expect that at all.  Our site is so new.  Oh yea, I'm working hard on the Sun's episode and I just put up a short story about the history of Song of Amazon (me) and how she became a guardian.  Beware, it is very depressing. 

May 23, 2001

YAY!! We now have a forum open. The link is just above the hit counter and off to the side. It's called Otaku's Meetingplace. please read the first post about the three rules before posting. Post as much as you like about whatever you like.  We made another forum too for an RPG.  The idea is that some evil villain wants to destroy the Tower and senshi are called to stop him.

Hey, note form Song of Amazon now:  We have an adoption center now, where you can adopt an evolving senshi.  The idea just came to me a couple days ago, so it isn't proven to work.  If someone would like to help me test it, let me know.  moonhurricane@yahoo.com


May 22, 2001

Ohayou, I'm another Guardian, Praesentia Spirit. 

I am working on tying up loose ends with my fan fics and I should have some more up by the end of the week. We have been having some technical difficulties and I just fixed them but they may come back so bear with us. If you get a white page anywhere on here then highlight it to look for text or try reloading it.


May 21, 2001

This may be fairly lame but, the guardians have names now.  I am Song of Amazon (sometimes known as Hurricane in other places), and I do most of the updates here and designed the layout.  You will know which of the guardians did what on here by a sprite at the bottom of the page.  Mine is this: 


We now have the fan senshi up that we have been asked to make in the submission section, and a short strange fan fic in the stories section.


May 18, 2001

Now we've got the first episode of  the Sailor Seasons.  Yay!  An episode for the Sailor Suns is currently in the works. 


May 13, 2001

Hey everyone!  Like the site?  Geeze, it's really hard work to get it up, but we're working hard.  We've got some galleries, profiles, a contest is coming and so is the first episode of the Sailor Seasons.  If you have any questions or comments e-mail the guardians at moonhurricane@yahoo.com.  The guestbook and hit counter aren't working, so I have no idea how many people have been here.  Anyhew, enjoy the site!


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