Sailor Moon Solar Wars

When Queen Metalia attacked the Sol System, the Sun Kingdom fell before the Silver Millennium did. The young crown princess and her protectors were taken captive by the Negaverse and the queen of the Sun put her entire kingdom into hibernation, waiting for a brighter future. Now, as falling stars, those captives have been set free and descended to Earth. Tainted by their captivity and torture, it is unclear wheather they are good or evil.

Episode 1: Dark Light Emerges.  Friends or Enemies?
Episode 2: Un Unlikely Friendship.  Uranus Worries.
Episode 3: Setsuna's New Job.  Indigo Graces the Scene.
Episode 4: Minako's New Rival.  Strive for Victory!
Episode 5: Hotaru's Healing Powers.  The Violet Senshi Skirmish!
Episode 6: Still More Youma!  Green Joins the Battles!
Episode 7: Mercury's Troubles.  The Battle of Minds!
Episode 8: Red is Final.  Sailor War Begins!
Episode 9: The Battle <Takes to the Streets.  Sailor War!
Episode 10: Change into the Light.  Make the Hearts of the Soldiers One!
Episode 11: The Battle Reaches a Climax!  No Turning Back Now.
Episode 12: A New Purity Arises.  Change into the Light!
Episode 13: The Light of Love Grows Ever Stronger. The Dead are Alive.
Episode 14: The Sunset Glows in the Sky. The Messenger from the Stars isma Meteorite.
Episode 15: Loose Ends are Retied.  The Light Fades Away.

Afterward: Author's Notes

Icy White & Shadow
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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