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Hopelessly lost in the mists of time? Do not fret, we can save you! That is the job of a Guardian of the Tower, isn't it? Read on and you will soon see where everything lies.

Basic Site Content

Home- We're hoping you can figure out what that means.
Updates- Here you can find a catalogue of all the updates recorded at the Tower.
Requests- Need a picture of your character? Here's the place to go! We have many artists to choose from. Here you can also find tutorials on various pieces of doing art.
Fun- You will find random things that don't fit anywhere else, simply for entertainment. It houses the FAQ, a personality quiz, the Tower Web Ring, links to other rings, game cards, and awards that we have recieved.
Forums- Want to keep up to date with current Tower happenings or just chat with others about otaku senshi... or anything else really? We build our comminuty on helping other people along and discussing the current issues.
Contact- Here you can find emails of the two guardians, request center, as well the fanart policy and description files.
Links- We have for you here links to sites that we think are worth your time, helpful sites, and some banners to link back to us with.
Disclaimer- This is where all the legal stuff, mentioning ownership, can be found.

The Stories

Generally speaking, all of the story sections have a library, profiles, and a gallery. However, some have sound tracks, personality quizzes, and other special sections. They are listed in chronological order.

From Beyond- A story by SoA about the system that Queen Metallia attacked before the Sol System and the senshi that fled from it with warnings of destruction.
Seasonal Revolutions- A story by SoA that takes place between S and SuperS where a group of villians are in search of a mysterious sphere and a group of four Seasonal Senshi appear to join the battle.
Elysion- This story by SoA takes place slightly before SuperS and paralells it for a while. The Dead Moon Circus not only targeted Japan, but two locations in America, in search of secrets and Helios. There, seven senshi arrise to meet the challenge.
Solar Wars- Yet another SoA story taking place between the Nehelenlia arc and main part of Stars where a group of tainted captive senshi from the sun descend on the Earth, immediately finding conflict with the Sol Senshi. Also included is a short taking place at the time of the Silver Millennium featuring Sailor White Sun and Sailor Black Sun.
The First Senshi- This story by SoA explains the basic ideas of the 'Tower Universe'. The Sol Senshi are caught in an ancient battle between the first two senshi and struggle to make peace between them.
NeoF- In this story by SoA, the daughters of the Sol Senshi embark on a dangerous mission to the future, training along the way, to act as reinforcements against Chaos and her minions.
Guardians- This is not a traditional section. Here you can find a little bit about the Tower's history, the current guardians, and some write-ups of the facts of our interpretation of the Sailor Moon Universe, as we do take liberties.
The Archives- Yet another section that breaks the pattern. Here you can find random shorts by the guardians, previews of stories to come, and little bits of stories that died.

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