Almost as long as the Tower of Time has been open, we have had an art request service. Now, PrasentiaSpirit and Song of Amazon pick up occatoinal requests, but most of the requests are done by fabulous team of Honorary Guardians who have all applied and been accepted as Tower Artists. We offer art in a number of mediums, portraits, group pictures, men, women, Sailors, villains, school girls, you name it. One thing that makes the Tower request center unique is the use of sprites (yours as we make them for you as well) along with the pictures and our talented and versitle staff of Guardians.  If you requested a picture a while back and have a web site now, please send us the address of your site.  We love to see where our art has gone. 

Before you request please read the rules and check out the artists guide to see what types of art the various artists will and will not do.

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