Sailor Moon NeoF

Under Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, Crystal Tokyo has led the world into an era of peaces. However, in the distant future, Chaos breaks loose again, and the Cosmic Sailor Senshi find themsleves with more than they can handle. Looking to a team that they can trust, they search back in time to train their own children up, desperately hoping that they can tip the balance and win the war. However, Lady Chaos got word of their plans and sent a handful of her top generals to eliminate the new recruits before the even make it to the battle field. As the girls train and jump gradually forward in time, the generals shadow them, making ever step perilous.

Episode 1: Troubled Future
Episode 2: Training Begins
Episode 3: Fragmented Team
Episode 4: Battle Ground Tokyo
Episode 5: Many Farewells
Episode 6: One Step Forward
Episode 7: Masquerading
Episode 8: Encounters
Episode 9: Enter Thunder







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