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Welcome, lost soul, to the Tower of Time, the place that knows no age. We, Song of Amazon and PraesentiaSpirit, are guardians of the Tower, ready to guide you on your journey through its depths. Here you will find the records of the lives and deeds of many a Sailor Senshi once lost to the mists of time.

Stay, wanderer, and we will reveal to you all that you desire to know...

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At long last, the final chapter of Sailor Moon: Elysion has been posted. It's been nine years in the making and I've enjoyed it all. I hope you all enjoy the story even a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing it. The winners of the Elysion Celebration Contest have also been decided. Congrats to all!
July 4, 2010

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As Sailor Moon: Elysion will soon be completed, the Tower is running a great big Elysion Celebration Contest.

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