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Here we find stories that never went anywhere and we probably will not finish up, but are probably still fun to read anyway.

Sailor Moon: Seasonal Revolutions

Before it went through dirastic revisions and became Celestial Revolutions, this was the beginning of the battle between the Sol Senshi, the Sailor Sesons, and the Cryo clan. This version of the story will not be continued, but will remain in the archives for those who are curious what Sailor Autumn was like before she became Sailor Ayiesei.

Episode 1: The Song of Fall
Episode 2: Naru in Trouble
Episode 3: Shy Hayaru
Episode 4: Teacher Target
Episode 5: Go for the Gold
Episode 6: A Day in the Woods

Sailor Moon: Zodiac

After Stars, new enemies appear, the senshi loose their memories, and new soldiers come to aid Sailor Moon.

Episode 1
Episode 2


Sailor Moon: Elementals

The balance of the elemnts is thrown off, and as the Sold Senshi fight to reign it back in, the Elemental Senshi come to their aid.


The Sun's Senshi

Before Sailor Moon, Sailor V met up with another masquerading senshi, Sailor O.


Sailor Moon: Ages

When old grudges return and the senshi of the past meet with the senshi of the future.



Chaos surrounds the queen of the Sun, many ages ago, as she struggles to bring peace again.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Sailor Moon: Void

Crystal Tokyo has been destroyed and all hope is lost, but Sailor Void rises out of the ashes.

Chapter 1

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