Sailor Moon: Elysion

Elysion tells the story of the soldiers of the seven secret Earth realms. Even before the Dead Moon Circus follows Pegasus to Japan, they track him through Anchorage and then to a small suburb of Chicago. Two teams of Sailor Soldiers must defend humanity as the Dead Moon Circus searches for the mysterious Golden Crystal and Secret Keeper.

Episode 1: Enter Pegasus
Episode 2: Helios's Choice
Episode 3:The Battle Begins
Episode 4: Rivalry
Episode 5:
Brewing Storms
Episode 6: A New Wind
Episode 7: Charisse's Dreams
Episode 8: Bring the Storm
Episode 9: Under the Big Top
Episode 10: Forgotton Dreams
Episode 11: Dead End
Episode 12: Glimpses of the Past
Episode 13: Fate and Fortunes
Episode 14: Secrets
Episode 15: Memories in the Darkness
Episode 16: The Storm Breaks
Episode 17: One Last Chance
Episode 18: The Beautiful Queen
Episode 19: Entering Elysion
Episode 20: From Nightmares into Dreams






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